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So these clothes are actually all pretty old. The skirt is L.A.M.B., and i got it in high school! At the time i thought it was so cute and preppy looking that I’d wear it constantly, but it ended up hanging in my closet forever. I discovered though, that i really like the way it looks when it’s just peaking out under a long shirt, so that’s how i wear it now. The cardigan is vintage, the shirt is an old one from Nordstroms rack. These shoes I got earlier that day, they are from a thrift store called Buffalo Exchange. Lately I’ve been really into chunky 90’s shoes, and I just though these ones were too awesome.

I don’t even know if anyone really reads these, I’ve really just started posting on this thing again. If anyone actually is reading this, I’m planning to post some artwork soon, let me know if there are any oufits/stories/art you’d like to see šŸ™‚