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This is a pretty simple outfit. I got the dress on sale at Urban outfitters, it’s just really cute and comfortable and goes with everything. This denim jacket is Dollhouse, and i got it for about $30 on Amazon. I was literally searching for the perfect denim jacket forever, and just loved this one. It’s faded but not too grungy. These oxfords I got for $50 at Buffalo Exchange, which is really not bad seeing as they run for about $130 brand new. So i think this is like my first look ever with glasses. I’m super blind, and sometimes contact lenses can be uncomfortable, so I’m wanting to put more looks together that go with glasses, I feel like some people can pull them off so well (not sure if I’m one of them though)!

Also if anyone’s interested in more outfits, check out my lookbook:http://lookbook.nu/paulaeg.   I’ve been posting on there for a few years, so there are quite a few!