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Pants: here

Shoes: here

I snapped these earlier today before heading out to run some errands; it’s one of those outfits I didn’t really plan, but ended up liking enough to post.  I ordered these pants from American Apparel a few weeks back.  They look so similar to my old Horse Back Riding pants (I rode Hunter Jumper, growing up), they made me feel nostalgic.  I was please to find that they are basically the perfect leggings: extremely thick and warm, and very comfortable.  They aren’t on the American Apparel website anymore, but I found a pair on Ebay, and included the link above.  I paired them with a graphic crop top, and my acid-wash denim jacket, for a casual but put-together look.

San Francisco has been extremely cold and windy all weekend long, which really makes me miss San Diego (warm all year round).  Next weekend, however, I’m heading to LA for a trip to Disneyland, so hopefully I’ll get some warm weather.  I actually haven’t been to Dinsneyland since I was 17, which is pretty shocking for anyone who lives in California.  Can’t wait to see how much it has changed!