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Disclaimer: I was given the product for free to try and review.


I don’t think I have ever mentioned my daily hair routine in this blog before, so I thought I’d begin by telling you a little about that. First of all, my hair is very damaged from years of bleaching it platinum blonde (I literally went to the salon and handed them a photo of Daenerys Targaryen and asked them to mimic it). I actually loved the platinum color, but of course it was horrible for my hair, so almost two years ago I dyed it back to my natural dark brown color and have been letting it grow out ever since. Since then, I really don’t leave the house without styling my hair for two reasons: 1.) I love the way it looks straightened, and 2.) the longer parts of my hair are still quite damaged, so my hair looks pretty frizzy and unhealthy if I don’t do something to it. So usually, I’ll spray quite a bit of Garnier Fructis straightening mist for protection, and straighten my hair section by section. Usually I love the outcome, however it is a bit time consuming. So when I was asked to review the _ Hair Straightening brush, I was very excited. It sounded like such an interesting idea, and I thought that it could potentially cut the time of my hair routine in half.

Below is a before shot, so you can see what my hair looks like without any styling at all.


I was impressed by how quickly it worked. It heats up within about 5 minutes, and then I just started brushing. I’d say in about seven strokes, your hair is almost completely straight, it was definitely quite a bit faster than a hair straightener. I was pretty pleased with the result (photos below).

I would, however, say that there are a few negatives. Anyone who has looked into high quality straightening products has read that ceramic straighteners are much better for your hair. I certainly noticed that this plastic brush did not leave it as shiny or smooth as my ceramic Lionesse one does. I resulted this partially to the fact that my hair is damaged, and therefore requires a few more high-maintenance steps.

Overall, I would recommend this product to someone whose hair is not damaged from coloring or bleaching, as long as they use a protective product beforehand.
Here’s my final look! Hope this review was helpful for you guys, the product is linked below.


hair straightening brush: here