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Disclaimer: I did receive free bids so that I could try out this website and write a review.

Anyone who has read this blog knows that one of my favorite things to do in the world is go thrift store shopping. I love how you can find such unique and interesting designer pieces that you wouldn’t see in a department store: there is so much variety, and frequently you can find these items at low prices.

I am constantly looking for websites that allow you to find good deals on fashion, which is why I was very excited when I was asked to review Bidthrone. Bidthrone is an online auctioning platform that provides luxury and designer products at minimal prices.

Based on the description, I expected the website to be similar to Ebay: users buying and selling used items at a low price. I was surprised to find that the items available to bid on are very selective. At the moment, there are only three things available to bid on: A Modavo Bold watch, a YSL bag, and a gold coin (you can probably guess that I’m currently bidding on the YSL bag). All of these items start at a very low bid, and their minimum bids are very low compared to the average retail price.


The entire website is medieval themed with the idea that you must, ‘battle’ for these items that you want to win. Although I found the medieval theme a bit over the top, it does make the platform memorable, and goes with their ‘regal’ fashion theme.

As a fashion junkie, I am excited to see where this website will go, and plan to keep an eye on their items up for bid. I certainly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already (link below).  And if you are interested in bidding, please use this promo-code to get 20% off: NEW20

Bidthrone: https://bidthrone.com/live-auctions

Hope this review was helpful!