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Disclaimer: I was given a discount on this clothing so that I could review it for this blog.

Dress: here

Jewelry: here

Shoes: here

I began following Laced Tea on Instagram about a month back, and immediately fell for their effortlessly chic bohemian clothing, and simple statement pieces.  This dress stood out to be both because: 1. I love Wednesday from the Adams Family (I mean, who doesn’t?), and 2. I loved the loose, flowey fit to it.  It’s literally the perfect dress to wear in the wintertime with a thick cardigan and tights, and it looks great in the Spring or Summer with chunky shoes (I don’t know about you but I still wear all black outfits in the Spring.)

I’ve linked everything I’m wearing above, and check out my Instagram tomorrow for a Promo Code!  Hope you guys are having a great Moday!