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When you spend as much time putting together looks, and researching brands as I do, it is easy to become a bit of a hoarder when it comes to clothing.  I’m always on the look out for new ways to update my wardrobe, and often i can forget how important it is to take stock of the material possessions I have versus what I need.
For this collaboration with Boohoo, I wanted to talk about how important it is to donate clothing when shopping for new items for Autunm.

Recently, my mother transformed my old bedroom into an Air BNB (I haven’t lived there since I was 18).  She went through my old things and donated a good deal of it.  I had no problem with it until she told me that she had donated my old prom dress.  I was pretty appalled.  I remember finding that dress in a tiny shop in San Diego and marveling over the intricate beading work and huge full skirt.  I had loved that dress.  When i confronted her, she said, “You’ve already worn that dress to prom, It’s someone else’s turn.  Do you know how happy they were to receive it?  Some young girl is going to be so excited to find that dress.  And it’s going to make her night special”.  (18 year old me in my prom dress, below)

She was right, of course.  The fact of the matter is, clothing doesn’t do much good hanging untouched in a closet.  The ability to pass it along allows it to have a second life.  Not to mention, it gives someone else the happiness and usefulness of owning it.

Afterwards,  I went through my closet and gathered 2 huge bags of stuff to donate to the GoodWill. Essentially, the question i ask myself when cleaning out my closet is: would I wear this right now? If the question is no, there’s a good chance i wont wear it in the future either.  Although it was difficult letting go of a few pieces, it felt very rewarding dropping off all my donations to my local Goodwill.  Not to mention, my closet was suddenly much lighter and easy to organize.  And when I did shop for a few new pieces for my fall wardrobe, I felt better about it knowing that I’d given away more than I was planning to buy.

Jacket: here

Top: here

Shoes: here

When updating my wardrobe for the fall, the main piece I was looking for was a cropped vegan let her jacket (not the easiest thing to find).  Honestly, I think biker jackets might be the most versatile trend of the last 10 years.   I’ve pretty much been wearing this one non-stop since I got it.

Today’s outfit it very monochromatic. But honestly, certain days I wake up and want to wear all black.  I’m wearing a simple black circle skirt and cropped turtleneck with my favorite mondo creepers.

Hope you guys like this post.  Do you guys have any specific times of year you like to clean out your closet?  Or stories about donating clothing?