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Dress: here

I snapped these before going to my Bridal Shower this past weekend.  I found this dress at Anthropologie and completely fell in love with it, especially the way it flows as I walk.  It’s definitely not the usual outfit I post on this blog.  That’s the thing about personal style though, it’s constantly evolving.

I’m home sick at the moment, napping and binge watching Game of Thrones (literally the only good thing about being sick.)

We’ve got a month and a half until the wedding, and it’s been quite busy.  I never thought about how many things there are to prepare for BEFORE the wedding (bridal showers, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner).  It’s crazy to think about how much preparation goes into a single day.  But the stress is finally fading away, I’m starting to get excited for all the events coming up!

Let me know what you guys think of the look!